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Oliver’s Offsets: Get Your Carbon Neutral Card!”: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Season 9 Episode 21 Recap

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has yet again in two consecutive weeks managed to blow our minds with witty satire of what the world, especially big corporations are doing these days when it comes to helping in climate change.

The Latest Episode covered the story of “Carbon Offsets” telling us how it works and what the big corporations have been doing in addition to the companies who are built on just that, ending the Episode with an amazing conclusion.

The Episode concluded with John announcing “Oliver’s Offsets” Carbon Registry with his own standards. We got a view that there are trees in his studio now and he will be cutting them off soon but the people all over the world can help by protecting them! And not that, by helping you can also offset your carbon footprints.

By sending John $1, they can help the trees from John who will be cutting them off. Oliver’s Offsets are issuing 10,000 Carbon Credits, each of which will stop John from cutting down the studio trees for exactly 5 Minutes.

Now, the main thing. What do the people who are interested in this amazing climate saving and Carbon Annihilating Scheme from John Oliver have to do to contribute and count themselves as the savior of the world? Easy, you go to the website below and pay and in return, you will get a card that will say that you are now Carbon Neutral.


What are you waiting for?? Do it!!


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