Mystery on the Rooftop Real Story Characters: Netflix newly released series Unsolved Mysteries is in news fro all good and bad reason, we are starting a series in which we would be discussing the real-life characters of the Netflix original series Unsolved Mysteries.

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Who was Rey Rivera In Real

The story follows the Riveras. It involves Rei Rivera and his wife, we see them get married and live a happy life. Untill one day on  May 16, 2006, 32-year-old Rey Rivera disappeared after he got a call from his company Stansberry Research. The occupation was of financial newsletters. One week later the police discovered a hole in the terrace of the New York hotel, Belvedere. They found Rivera’s decomposed body inside the hole. The twist in the tale is that his glasses and phone were intact and the jumping points were too far and high and needed to be accessed from a room .

What Happens To Rivera?

There were many theories regarding how Rei died and some of the prominent ones were;
That he was involved with Freemasons. Another one said that Rivera upset shady dealers and thus Rivera was brought in to help Stansberry Research to clean up its reputation following its fraud scandal. It’s possible someone knew too much about it and thus and may have lost a ton of money from Rivera.

This was the first episode of the series, we would be telling the truth of all episodes, please make sure to check out other posts too.


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