13 Minutes Real Story Characters: In our Netflix Original Unsolved mysteries series, we are going to tell you about the real-life characters of the second case, the second episode is titled as 13 Minutes, here we would try to give you all real-life incidents with it, along with the real-life characters and Places.

Who Was Patrice Endres?

On a normal day of April 15th, 2004, Patrice Endres the North Georgia hairdresser went missing in a 13-minute time span while she was working. Police said that she likely was abducted and some proofs we’re found such as the cash from her register went missing. Her keys were still there but, the car looked like it has been moved and it usually was parked at a different place. Her body was discovered exactly 600 days after her abduction behind the Lebanon Baptist Church in the forest .

The investigation brought out a serial killer named Jeremy Jones who himself actually confessed for her murder, but his confession was overwritten by the police as her body was found in a different place then he said.

What Happened To Patrice Endres?

Police also found nothing new out of Jones which hasn’t been already put out in the news. Patrick’s friend and son believe that her husband Roy had something to do with her abduction but the theories were refuted because of the timelines which didn’t match with the case. Her case is still open.

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