Koshish News (Vaishali Singh) Patna Real News?: Netflix’s newly released film ‘Bhakshak’ is making headlines all over the media due to its compelling and brilliant storytelling. The show is based on real-life Incidents that happened back in 2028. Here we are going to tell you about all the details and characters that exist in real life. We will cover every character and here we are going to tell you about the news channel ‘Koshish News’ which was shown in the film in which Vaishali Singh was working.

Many of you were asking about the Youtube Channel link too, Is the channel based on the real channel name? how much is the truth about Kosish News in the film? We will cover everything.

Let’s have a quick recap of the story for a better understanding. In the film, Vaishali Singh is an Independent Journalist who runs a news portal named Koshish News. Vaishali and Bhaskar are the only two who run this news channel. One Night, Vaishali gets a Tip about the Misconduct and Harassment of the Gilrs in ‘Balika Girh’ in the city called Munnawarpur. She started an investigation and also reached out to the IPS of the city to interfere in the case but there was not enough support.

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She keeps on covering this news on her Small Private news channel which has almost zero Visitors. Now many of you may be wondering if this channel is based on a real news channel. What Happened to the Channel after the case and what is the YouTube channel link?

No, the channel is not based on the real-life News channel and no news channel with the name Kosish News exists. There is a news portal in Bihar which is called Kashish News but this Portal is not related to this case.

The case was first exposed by TISS which started a Project named ‘Koshish Project‘ back in 2018 the idea was Koshish news was taken from the same. There is no real-life Koshish news channel available in the Public domain related to this case. Even the character of Vaishali is also a fictional character and the character is slightly inspired by Journalist ‘Nivedita Singh’. We will talk about this in a different article.

Hope you get an idea about the reality behind ‘Koshish News Patna’ shown in the film Bhakshak. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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