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Monsoon Raaga Review: Daali’s Breezy Romantic Tale Is Decent Watch

Monsoon Raaga Review: Kannada film Monsoon Raaga got released in theatres, starring Dhananjaya & Rachita Ram. The casting in this film is what attracts us to watch it, I just finished the film, and here is the detailed review of the film. We are going to tell you about the story, Performances and some more details about the film.

The film includes four different stories. Differences in social, caste, and religion have an impact on each relationship with unique difficulties, There is a schoolboy called Sundaram who has a crush on his classmate Suchithra. Then, Joseph is a rowdy who is madly in love with a Brahmin girl Ragasudha.

There’s a liquor shop employee called Katte, who falls for a regular customer Asma Banu who is a prostitute, who fell in love just by looking at her eyes. Then comes the last story which is of an attendee Raju and his budding relationship with an officer called Haasini, a widow with a 20-year-old daughter.

However, this breezy romantic tale is a remake of C/o Kancharapalem. Still, S. Ravindranath’s attempt in this film is appreciated. This film’s visuals are bright enough and when the soothing music from this film reaches your ears, just feels beautiful. Dhananjaya & Rachita Ram are the two hearts in this film. Achyuth Kumar & Suhasini Manirathnam, both play key roles.

Honestly, the film doesn’t stand up to the expectations if you’ve watched the original one. Though the performance of the cast works great, narration lags. The screenplay and music in this film are good.

Overall, Monsoon Raaga is a feel-good one. If you haven’t watched the original one then you can go for it. We are going with 2.5 Out of 5 stars for the film, If you have time then you can watch this Light-hearted drama.

Rating: 2.5/5

This was our Monsoon Raaga Review, what are your take on this? Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


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