Monsieur Spade Episode 4 Release Date: AMC presents crime drama with Samuel Spade a veteran detective who is a well popular character. As a different story to his life Monsieur Spade shows him coming to France to fulfill the promise he made to his late friend.

Samuel came to Bezouls, France to deliver his friend’s daughter to her father which he promised her mother before she died. When he came to village, things changed. As he started to enquire about Phillipe it became more clear about he bad he was. Samuel got settled in Bezouls, he married Gabrielle and lived with her for some time. She got ill and died while he was there.

She left her fortune and home with him. Phillipe came back to the village. Teresa lived in an orphanage admitted by the help of Gabrielle. Gabrielle got blackmailed from Phillipe many times before she died.

The arrival of Phillipe caused many incidents in the village. The orphanage where Teresa was staying went through an incident were a monk came there and killed six nuns. Monk came there for a boy named Zayid. Phillipe went to Teresa while se was in an orphanage to hide Zayid, and the monk came for that boy. After the incident Teresa ran out to Samuel’s house.

Teresa started to stay there in the protection of Samuel. Samuel and Patrice went to meet bishop to talk about the incident. Bishop says the monk is caught, and he was working for some secret society. And he will be deported to Rome for further church judicial proceedings. Phillipe calls Samuel for a meeting, but it was a trap, when Samuel went back to home Samuel and maid got attacked.

AMC will release Episode 4 on 4th of February. It will be available on Amazon Prime for rental or with AMC addon. First three episodes are available to stream in AMC and Amazon prime with addon in English language and subtitles.


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