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Mister Mummy Ending Explained: Was Amol Pregnant? | Netflix

Mister Mummy Ending Explained: Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia and one of the most loved couples in B Town, Their recently released film Ved is doing wonders at the Box office, and in all between these, Their Film Mister Mummy which releases a few months back at the box office released on Netflix Today.

After watching the film, the way the film ended, left us with many answered questions, Here we are going to answer some of your questions Like Was Amol Pregnant? what happened to His child and many more.

Before Jumping to the ending of the film, let me give you a small recap of the film, The film revolves around Amol and Guloo Played by Ritesh and Genelia, One Day Guloo got Pregnant and a few days after that, Amol also starts showing Pregnancy symptoms, was he Really Pregnant or this was something else, to know this you need to watch the film.

In the end of the film, It is revealed that Only Guloo is Pregnant and Amol is not Pregnant, now the question arises what was that Bump and why Amol was also getting symptoms of Pregnancy?

As Doctor said in the film, Amol was going through the ‘couvade syndrome’, In this state of Syndrome, Male Person starts showing Symptoms of Pregnancy like Having Baby Bum, Mood Swings, etc, The Male Partner also starts feeling Pain whenever his Female counterpart gets any Pain due to Pregnancy, and Amol was going through the same.

As per Various research, it was also found that This may happen due to the Love of Male Partners towards their Child or Mother, and as shown in the film Amol was going through the same.

This was Mister Mummy Ending Explained, Hope you got your confusion cleared, what do you think about the film? Please let us know in the comments.



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