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Let’s Get Divorced Episode 6 : Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Let’s Get Divorced Episode 6: Till now we have covered Episode 1 to Episode 5 recap of the show and now here goes the Episode 6 Recap of the show.

The next day, it’s a whole new thing for Yui because she just found out that she is in the 17th week of her pregnancy, and discusses how things seem different with her assistant. Yui and Taishi visit an older couple to wish them a Happy Birthday because it’s election season.

Yui breaks the news of her pregnancy to Taishi after the party, where he thinks she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. But as Kyoji is impotent, she is actually carrying Taishi’s child. She tries to tell this to Taishi but is interrupted by Saotome, who informs them of their schedule for the day.

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Yui goes to the hotel and thinks about the time she and Taishi had sex, which Taishi had completely forgotten. She goes to meet Kyoji at night where he jokes about her being pregnant, to which she says, “Yes, she is pregnant.” Kyoji agrees to keep the child because he loves children, but Yui is just confused about the matter.

The next day, when the whole Shoji family visits Taishi’s father’s grave, he breaks the news of Yui’s pregnancy, which leads to a discussion about the odds of whether the child is from Taishi or Kyoji. None of them, except Yui, knows about Kyoji’s impotency. Yui tells them about Kyoji’s impotency and confirms that the child is from Taishi. Yui’s assistant informs the news to their CEO, who decides to use it in the business, and then the news is given to their respective lawyers.

Taishi’s mother confronts Kyoji about his impotency in a pachinko parlor where Kyoji says that he will accept the child as his own, which irritates Taishi’s mother.

Soda is seen discussing his plans for the election with Mimata at a restaurant where Shingo meets him and tells him that he would do anything for Taishi and breaks the news of the pregnancy to Mimata, which shocks her. Inden moves to Ehime to find out about Yui’s new boyfriend. She meets Kyoji after Taishi’s mother, Mineko, and asks whether he is impotent or not. Kyoji is so fed up with all the questions about his impotency and wonders what is happening around Yui.

Yui and Mineko fight over who should keep the child, and Taishi isn’t able to decide whose side he should take. Saotome tells everyone to take advantage of the situation as nobody in the public knows about Kyoji. Mineko agrees, but Yui and Taishi disagree.

The next day, when voting starts, Taishi was supposed to give his first speech, but Kyoji interrupts and asks him to come with him and discuss the future of Yui’s child. Kyoji explains why he should take the child, and Taishi is awestruck by his confidence after lacking everything in life. Taishi considers the idea, and in his speech, he talks about free speech. Although her mother said that they wouldn’t announce the pregnancy in public, she announces it to gain benefits in the election.

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Taishi, Soda, and another candidate are driving on the streets, asking for votes. Mimata gives a pen drive consisting of a secret meeting between Mimata and Taishi to a publishing house. Yui, with her assistant, lawyer, and CEO, is worried about why Shoji’s family is taking advantage of everything. While Yui is confused about having the child, her assistant, Sassa, convinces her to have the child, thinking that she will have another chance in the future to have another child.

Everyone is shocked when an article about Yui’s and Taishi’s secret meeting in Ehime is circulated in a close group consisting of Soda, Taishi, Yui, and Shingo. And Go Soda accepts to use the article to win when Mimata convinces him. And Yui releases the news of her affair with Kyoji. But why? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes.



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