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Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 26 Recap & Highlights

Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 26: Last Week With John Oliver is back with another Episode this week covering LGBTQ rights that the show has already covered in the past but this time to see how far we’ve come when it comes to transgender rights.

The Episode started off with a CBS Documentary titled “The Homosexuals” that featured a homosexual person hiding behind a plant because of the stigma around it at that time.

The Episode featured an 11-year-old Trans Kid & two Trans teenagers. One of them is Kai Shappley who went to the Texas State Legislator to speak out against the bill that would ban doctors and parents from providing gender-affirming care to young people and then showed a video of how she spoke against the bill.

Another study was of Mack Beggs who as a Texas Highschooler wanted to wrestle boys but was forced by state rules to wrestle girls when he won the State Championship, the lawmakers tried to pass a law that would make people like him compete at all.

When he got to college, he was placed on the Men’s wrestling team and that makes him really happy.

The third study was of Dylan who found happiness after he was referred to as “Sir” when he held the door for someone and for him, after transitioning these are the little joys for him. Dylan is now suing the State of Arkansas because they are trying to tell him how he can and can’t live.

What the Episode concluded on is that we as adults have failed that teenagers as much as 11 years old now are taking control of what they do and do not want. But it is also essential to not lose sight of what is at the end of it but also live your life and be happy and not live in sorrow.



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