It Lives Inside Ending Explained Plot and Summary: NEON’s newly released mythological Horror flick is now streaming on VODs and other Digital platforms. For all those who have any confusion related to the ending of the film. here goes the Recap and ending Explanation of It Lives Inside.

The story of the film starts with the story of Samidha, who lives with her Mom, Poorna. Samidha and her mom are preparing for Durga Puja Celebrations, and she asks Samidha to return home quickly as there is Puja in the house. At school, we get to see a girl named Tamira, who looks slightly off in the class, and she is moving here and there with a glass jar.

In the next frame, we get to see that she puts a piece of flesh in the jar, and then the story jumps to the school where we get to see that Tamira asks for help from Samidha. Tamira says that there is a monster inside the bottle, and she needs help in handling that monster. Samidha calls Tamira psycho and drops the bottle. Tamira runs away from there, and she drops a book there. Samidha follows her to give her the book. In the next frame, we get to see that someone is pulling Ramita from her back hair, and then Tamira goes missing, and her mother files a missing complaint.

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At the Puja, Samidha comes to know about the Choudhary family, whose son was also facing the same symptoms as Tamira. Samidha remembers the book that she got from Tamira, and when she was reading the book, she feels a shadow-like thing behind her back. Samidha then goes to Russ’s party and tells everything about the book and Tamira to Russ. Russ and Samidha go to Choudhary’s house, and while returning back in a hurry, she drops that diary in the house.

The next day, Sam and Russ go to that house again to get that diary, and then they sit in the garden. In between talks, Sam and Russ kiss each other. All of a sudden, Sam feels that someone is calling her from inside the house, and she starts going into the house. On the other hand, we get to see that an invisible force has just killed Russ brutally.

The next day at school, Samidha tells everything about the demon to her teacher, but she says that she needs sleep. Samidha then asks her teacher to translate the diary, and there she finds the term “Pisach.” Samidha asks her teacher to come to her house to help. In the next frame, we get to see that Samidha is asking her mom about the term “Pisach,” and there she tells Samidha that Pisach are evil spirits who make us weak by giving evil thoughts and bad dreams, and if anyone tries to help them, they also harm them.

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On the other hand, we get to see that a demon-like thing attacks Samidha’s teacher, and even after a lot of fight, the demon manages to get rid of her. Samidha’s mom has an idea about the demon, and that’s why she starts doing preparations to control the demon. Samidha got a voicemail from her teacher to run away, and then all of a sudden, there was a knock on the door, and it was Samidha’s dad. All of a sudden, the demon attacks Samidha’s dad from behind, and then Samidha and her mom start chanting ‘Mantras.’ After their joint efforts, they finally managed to get rid of it.

Samidha now gets an idea that Tamira is at Choudhary’s house, and she rushes to the house. When she goes inside, she sees that a huge demon for the first time. She starts chanting the mantra, but before she completes the mantra, the demon hits her, and she falls near the bathtub. In the bathtub, she gets to see that Tamira was there. Samidha again starts fighting the demon, but she is not enough for the demon. After a few minutes, Tamira and Samidha both start chanting Mantras, and again, after the tough fight, Samidha then decides to put that demon in a jar. Before she can put the demon into the jar, it breaks, and now Tamira and Samidha get attacked by the demon again.

With no other options left, Samidha decided to take that demon inside her, and she was the only one who could hold that powerful demon. Samidha and Tamira both start chanting mantras, and very soon Samidha gets the demon inside her. The story then jumps to the present and takes a leap of 1 year, where we get to see Samidha, her teacher, and her parents at the dining table. Samidha takes a piece of chicken first, and then she starts eating her normal food. Later on, we get to see that Tamira is thankful to Samidha for saving her life. Tamira then asks Samidha about that demon, and here Samidha tells Tamira that she will never let that demon out of her. Samidha then feels that something is coming out of her, and the movie ends here.

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Now, many of you may ask a question: What has happened to the demon? Well, Samidha took that demon inside her, and she has to feed that demon and her soul. She eats chunks of meat every day. Now there are questions: Will the demon ever come out of Samidha? The answer is yes; there are high chances that the demon will come out of her one day. The demon is getting bigger and stronger each day as Samidha is feeding it inside her. There are high chances that one day it will overpower her, and it will come out of her.

Hope this answers all your questions related to the film. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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