Isa ‘Deep Fake Love’ Instagram: Deep Fake Love shows the journey of 5 couples. The show is being hosted by Raquel Sanchez Silva, she’s a very famous Spanish television actress, she’s also a news anchor. 10 participants are a part of this show.

Couples have to answer perfectly about their partners, the fake clips and fake images will be created of every participant and their partners have to identify whether it is real or not. Everyone will force them to be real but they have to differentiate in it.

Now Talking About the Contestant Isa

Ruben proposed isa, They’re together for 8 months, Ruben is a digital creator, and in a short time only they developed a strong connection between them, they said they’ll be together forever, isa revealed she felt truly magical in the way he proposed, after meeting Ruben she comes to know her past relationships weren’t perfect but this is perfect for her.

Her Instagram I’d Is @issabelbc



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