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is Samantar 3 Is Going To Release On Mx Player?

Samantar 3 Season 3 Update: It looks like our bond with Samantar is not going to end soon, season 2 of the series just released today on the MX player, and the way it ended leaves many questions, and it looks like we are going to get another season of the series, here in the post we are going to release about the release date of Samantar season 3, cast, expected plot and many other details.

There are spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen season 2, please stop reading from here, because there are spoilers ahead that can ruin your season 2. The climax is season 2 has blown our minds, as we saw, Kumar Mahajan is dead now, and as Chakarapani says a new man with the same destiny will come searching for him. In the end, we also see that a new man has come to that priest (Baba) to show his hand and Baba Says – His Plam is exactly the same as the Kumar Mahajan.

The story of season 3 will have a new character and he will come searching Kumar Mahajan and again the story will continue, we can also expect some new entry to the cast of the series. Season 3 of the series is going to be the last part of the series, as the series is based on Book and the book is also in three parts, so we are probably going to see the series in 3 parts too.

Season 3 of the series will release in Mid 2022 on Mx Player, the official release date of the series depends upon the shooting, casting, and other situations. If everything goes as per plan, we can expect the series by Mid 2021, the final release date will be updated once we get any official confirmation from the makers.

This was all about the Samantar Season 3, what are your thoughts on Story, casting of the series, please let us know in the comment section. For more news and updates like this on shows and movies, stay tuned with us.


  1. Thats quite unrealistic because the story of Kumar mahajan has been concluded and the ending was perfect. Whats the point bringing season 3 with new cast and SAME STORY? If there is new character who visited the swamiji at the end then his story line would be exactly the same as kumar mahajan.
    I think the story of kumar mahajan has be completed.

  2. Actually, I believe Part 3 will be the last in this series, it will be quite interesting to see how this fate game end in the favor of a new character.

  3. Our association is with Kumar Mahajan in the series . Since he is dead. If he is not dead actually then part 3 can be made .


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