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House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Explained

House Of The Dragon is back with another Episode titled “Light The Way” and this is one thrilling Episode that is way on track of what Game Of Thrones used to be. With Episode 5, we can safely say that House Of The Dragon is an official prequel to our favorite show, Game Of Thrones

Not just one thing, the Episode was filled with a lot of twists, betrayal, new longing, and lost love. All in one episode, can you believe it? The Episode starts off with King Viserys traveling to Driftmark as his condition worsens to ask for Ser Laenor, son of Lord Corlys for his daughter Rhaenyra where he is not greeted by Lord Corlys instead The King had to go over to him for discussing the matters.

On the other side, Daemon kills his wife whom he so dearly hates with a rock that would render him without a wife and the heir to Runestone.

Betrayal to Ser Criston Cole who is in love with Rhaenyra and had broken his vow of chastity when he slept with her the night Daemon returned and when he proposes the idea of running away and living somewhere nameless, Rhaenyra declines that offer and in return talks about the understanding, she and Ser Laenor have, who is not into girls and also has someone he loves which makes Ser Criston feel like a whore and well, that’s the end of it.

It is not until the end of the Episode, we see the rage building inside Ser Criston come out at full throttle.

Ser Criston confesses that he slept with Rhaenyra to Queen Alicent who wanted to ask something else but Ser Criston confessed and that leaves Queen betrayed as well for which she returns with a dress during the wedding feast not in the Queen’s dress but with a green dress of Oldtown that surprises everyone.

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In the end, during the wedding dance Ser Criston is visited by Ser Laenor’s lover who talks about keeping their secrets and that throws Ser Criston off and well, a fight breaks out and Ser Criston bashes his head so much that you remember the scene of GOT where the Mountain bashed the skull of Ser Oberyn Martell.

After that, Ser Criston is about to commit suicide but is stopped by the Queen where the marriage ceremony of Ser Laenor & Rhaenyra is going on, after which the king collapses to the ground and well, that’s the end of the episode.


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