Ha Seok-jin is an actor in South Korea. He is one of the twelve contestants on Netflix’s South Korean reality show The Devil Plan. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Hanyang University. While studying he volunteered for the military.

After completing his service in the military, his friend who works in the entertainment industry tells him to try his luck in acting to earn some money. He declined it first, but later he tried his luck in acting. His first work as an actor was an ad. He didn’t had any plans to pursue acting as a career, but he started enjoying and attracted to acting.

Ha Seok-jin started his career as an actor from 2005. He worked in a lot of TV series, shows, films and music videos. His popular work as an actor is Crash Landing on You, Radiant Office, 4 Legendary Witches, and many more.

What’s the Instagram account of Ha Seok-jin?

Ha Seok-jin has 569k followers on Instagram. You can check out his account by clicking the link below.




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