Five Days At Memorial Apple Tv: AppleTV+ has been going on full throttle with releasing content and that too, a very diverse one. With the recent addition of psychological thrillers based on true events like Black Bird, we have another drama that is based on actual grim events but not a psychological one and that is “Five Days At Memorial”.

The series is a medical drama that focuses on the 5 Days at New Orleans Memorial Medical Center where Medical Professionals were forced to take hard decisions during Hurricane Katrina at the time when the power failed with increasing floodwater and heat soars.

The Mini-Series is based on the non-fiction book by American journalist Sheri Fink which is an expansion of the Pulitzer award-winning article by the same writer that was published in The New York Times Magazine in 2009. The events of the book and the mini-series take place in August 2005. The Mini-Series stars Vera Farmiga as Dr.

Anna Pou with Robert Pine as Horace Baltz and many other talents. The series is a hard look at the times when nature is not on our side and Medical Professionals have to taken life-threatening decisions that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The first three episodes of the Mini-Series are out on AppleTV+.


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