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Call Of The Night Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Full Story, Ending Explained

Call Of The Night Season 1 Episode 6: LIDENFILMS Call Of The Night, also known as Yofukashi no Uta released its 6th Episode of the first season titled “Might As Have Well Fun”. The Episode focussed on the story development but also introduced another character that might have just been a visiting one. The Episode also hit the notes of working-class people who are in the corporate world and are working under a boss.

It told the story of a woman who hates going on after-work drinks and her boss who keeps calling her at odd hours just because there is work to be done which is sort of similar to the life working professionals these days have. Working at odd hours has become a norm these days and this Episode hit that note.

However, in the end, the woman chose to go to work after being persuaded by Yamori to become a vampire and he also made a declaration that he would convert her into a vampire after he becomes one since she seemed to be on the same terms about the night as Yamori and Yamori felt a sense of similarity between him and her.

The Episode also focuses on the romantic relationship between Yamori and Nanakusa when they go out to the nighttime pool to enjoy themselves and Nanakusa gets hit on by a lot of men and Yamori becomes uncomfortable and Nanakusa seems to be teasing him.

Yamori, after getting jealous takes her hand and takes her out. Both of them share a small discussion which ends up with Nanakusa apologizing and taking Yamori in the air just to drop him in his school’s pool.

The Episode was a soothing episode and we’re interested in what you think about it. Please comment and share what was your take on it.


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