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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero OTT Release Date

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero OTT Release Date: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero started its reign over the Box-Office after its release and it beat Beast led by Idris Elba on its opening weekend which is just a start for the film that is backed by great backstories and an interesting plot.

Re-awakening of the Red Ribbon Army, this time we’re met by the grandson of Dr. Jedo who created the famous Androids 17 & 18 creating two very powerful Androids in the illusion that Goku and his family are aliens trying to invade Earth so that those Androids can defeat Goku.

The film is continuing its heavy reign and not only that, this is the first Anime film that got the same day release as the US and that too, in Multiple Languages namely, English, Hindi & Japanese.

The film has started off great in the Indian Market is yet to go on for some time which makes the OTT Release Date a bit of a bummer because its not going to be very soon. The film is distributed under Crunchyroll Banner and is not going to be available not soon less than 8 weeks. So if you’re waiting for that, you’re going to be in it for the long haul. Better go to the theatres!



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