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Chainsaw Man Anime: Release Date, Story, Trailer & More

Recently a full trailer of Chainsaw Man was released by the makers confirming the MAPPA animation and the age rating of the show. The anime will follow the same story as the manga centering on the character of Denji and his rebirth as Chainsaw Man and his adventures.

The series will premiere in October 2022, but no fixed release date is revealed as of now. Chainsaw Man contains the main characters Denji, Makima, Power, Aki Hayakawa, Kobeni Higashiyama, Pochita, and Reze.

Denji is voiced by Toya Kikunosuke and Makima is voiced by Kusunoki Tomari. Ai Fairouz will voice Power and Shougo Sakata will give his voice to Aki Hayakawa. On MyAnimeList, Chainsaw Man has over 400k+members and is ranked in the top 50 popular mangas.

Chainsaw Man is rated 8.74 out of 10 as of now making it one of the highest-rated Manga ever.

Check out the trailer here:



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