Aaron Quinn and Denise Now – Are They Still Together? : One of the most talked-about couples in the 2010s in the USA was ‘Aaron and Denise.’ If you are here, it means you have just finished watching the recently released American docuseries ‘American Nightmare’ and now you are looking to know about ‘Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn’ and where are they now? Are they still together and many such questions? Here we are going to answer all your questions related to the show.

Before we jump further, let’s have a quick recap of the incident that happened. Denise and Aaron were a happily living couple, and one night Denise got kidnapped from Aaron’s house. Aaron was tied up, and he was given some drink due to which he passed out, and the next afternoon when he wakes up, he found that Denise is missing.

He calls 911, and police start investigating the case. Like every other case, police start suspecting Aaron as the accused, and they start questioning and digging into him instead of looking for the kidnappers. After 48 hours, Denise returns to her home safely, and nothing has happened to her. Police now start questioning Denise, and the media started calling her kidnapping a hoax kidnapping.

Denise keeps on telling that she was kidnapped by some old Navy officer and he also r@@@ped her. But everyone believed that she is making the story and it was all her plan. She was abused on social media, and printing and press media start comparing her life with the film ‘Gone Girl.’

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There was a movie called ‘Gone Girl’ released during that time, and the people, media, and even the FBI start believing that it was a planned kidnapping and nothing has happened to her. Police start planning to file an FIR against the couple on the charges of a fake story and kidnapping.

A few weeks later, a man named Matthew Miller was caught by the police of some other cities. Investigating officers found a brown blonde hair in the things that were found from Miller, and from that, it was established that the story of Denise kidnapping was real. Just after that, Denise and Aaron sue the Vallejo police department, and later they settle the case outside the court for 2.5 million dollars.

Now the question is,

where is the couple? And are they still together?

Yes, they are still together, and the good news is they are married now. They have two daughters, and they are a happy family now. They are still living in the USA, and they were also featured in the Netflix docuseries ‘American Nightmare.’

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