Death And Other Details Episode 6: Hulu presents a ten-episode crime thriller investigation series. The show is based on an unexpected murder that took place inside a luxury cruise ship. A group of wealthy people were traveling on a business vacation, their dirty secrets started revealing after the unexpected murder investigation.

Death and other details consists of ten episodes, already five episodes have already been released until now. The show premiered on January 16, 2024, through Hulu. Each episode has a duration of fifty minutes. So far each episode ended with a banger twist or cliffhangers. The last episode also ended with a discovery of new truths. Rufus Coteworth, Teddy, and Leila jointly investigate the presence of Viktor Sams inside the Mediterranean sailing ship named Varuna.

Meanwhile, Imogene and Sunil did their part in shifting the Ukraine refugees to Italy without the interference of Interpol has been a very much successful mission. Sunil introduced a friend to Imogene, who could help find out who was behind the death of Imogene’s mother.

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Without proper mind, Imogene gave away the only real paper that she had about Viktor Sams to the lady friend of Sunil. After completing their work at the land, they both took a speed boat and came back to the Cruise ship. In the meantime, Collier’s family signed the billion-dollar deal with the Chuns family. The Chuns family asked for a fifty-one percent share of collier mills which was accepted by the chairman.

The upcoming episodes will showcase more about the real identity of Viktor Sams. Who is Victor Sams, who’s behind him and why is he connected with Colliers and other wealthy people will be revealing things on upcoming episodes. Like every other episode, the next episode will have a shocking twist at the end. Leila going to move forward with the divorce. Rufus Coteworth, Teddy, and Leila found out the secret room of Viktor Sams inside the cruise ship.

Leila is already worried about her future and Anna’s future. Viktor Sams have many people helping for him. He has been watching everyone for a long time , so for every step of Rufus and others , Viktor sams will be ahead all the time. He knows how to manipulate others for his own cause.

‘Death and Other Details’ episode 6 date announced by Hulu. The sixth episode scheduled to premiere on February 13. Out of total of ten episodes, they already released five episodes through Hulu. They have been releasing one episode per week. Next episode will arrive on next Tuesday. Let’s wait for more twists and secrets to be unveiled by Rufus Coteworth and Imogene.

All five episodes of ‘Death and other details’ now streaming through hulu with English subtitles.


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