DC’s League Of Super Pets Ending Explained, Post Credit Scene

DC League of Super Pets Review

DC’s much-awaited animation movie titled “League Of Super Pets” is released in theatres now and it has been receiving a fairly moderate audience with more incoming over the weekend. However, the movie is good and obviously a one-time watch, it does have a post-credit scene that extends a chance for having a part 2 of the movie just like all the superhero movies.

We see Krypto landing a Solar Paw Punch on Lulu in order to stop her from killing all the Superheroes and super pets and after that, Lulu is put inside a hot dog stand with hot dog water by the two guinea pigs that Lulu transforms for her evil plan to rescue Lex Luthor out of prison.

In the POST Credit scene, we’re met by Mercy Graves who is the assistant of Lex Luthor coming there to rescue Lulu and offer her a partnership of Pet and Owner with the added common goal of World Dominance, and then they went off together. In another scene that we saw, after every Superhero has been rescued from their cells, Lex still remains there and calls out to some pet for help but is ignored by even a cat.

The POST Credit scene of Mercy and Lulu has given us hopes for a sequel but it is not officially confirmed. We’re yet to see the official numbers after how the film officially does on Box-Office.

DC’s League Of Super Pets is in the theatres near you.

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