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C.B. Rowe Murdaugh Image, Where He Is Now? Dead Or Alive | Netflix

C.B. Rowe Murdaugh: Netflix’s latest documentary series the story is about Margaret “Maggie” Branstetter Murdaugh and her younger son Paul Terry Murdaugh, who were found dead on June 7, 2021, and no one excepted that her husband Alex will be involved in this.

To know more you can watch this latest documentary streaming now on NETFLIX in the English Language.

Who is C.B. Rowe?

C.B. Rowe was hired as groundskeeper by Alex of his 1700-acre hunting estate, but he did not know after a few weeks of his joining he will found his boss’s wife and son shot dead, by seeing their body it is deemed that they have been shot multiple time with different weapons.

At first, Alex accused him as the murderer of his wife and son, his name is mentioned during the trial quite often, there has been a rumor that the skin found in the victim’s nail matches his DNA but the report clears all the reports.

Claude "C.B." Rowe - FITSNews

Where is C.B. Rowe Now?

Currently, he is 67 years old, and living in South Carolina, he is currently called between the trial of the case to give his statement, the final verdict of the case is yet to come.



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