Basement Company Review Mx Player: Mx player release some good and exciting content at a regular interval, they are dining great experiments with their content with each of there series. Now they had released their new original series Basement Company, here we are going to review the series.

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Basement Company Web Series Review

  • Name Of The Series – Basement Company
  • Platform – Mx Player
  • Star Cast – Gagan Arora, Apoorva, and Mayur More
  • Rating – 3.5/5
  • Genre – Youth/ Comedy
  • Release Date – 24th June 2020
  • One Word Review – Impressive
  • Watch Guide – Don’t watch with family (Abusive Words)

The web series stars some great and well know young faces, the series stars Apoorva Arora, Mayur More ( Kota Factory Fame) and Gagan Arora (College Romance, Ujda Chaman Fame) in main lead roles, the story is about the all these three, they work in the Music company named Punjabi Beats, In a lucky draw, they won the chance to get a separate workspace in the office, their all excitement vanishes when they found that they have to work in the basement fo the company, that was in the worst condition, with no network coverage and water leakage and many other issues.

Can they survive in this situation or they would quit their first job, to know this you have to watch this web series, the series is of a total of 5 episodes all are of approx 25-30 minutes long. The story is full of fun, comedy, bromance, and friendship and mainly revolve around Rahul, Raj and Simran played by Mayur, Gagan Arora, and Apoorva.


Everyone is awesome at their work, Gagan Arora is back in the same old style like College Romance, he is just awesome and fun to watch, Mayur is stunner just like his other series and the same is with Apoorva, she is mindblowing, everyone has done a perfect job and we don’t found anyone below the mark, even the supporting actors have done an awesome job, there is a great composition of raw emotions, and many youths can connect with it and this is the best part of the series, Just like other web series of these three, this one is surely going to be loved by youth too.

Screenplay & Editing

One of the best things I like about the series is, makers, didn’t try to stretch it, they keep it as short as possible, the series is of 5 epsidoes only and it doesn’t bore you, especially when these three, Aproova, Gagan and Mayur is all around, the editing is also good and the epsidoes are very well connected, initial episodes are very short and you would found them ending in no time, the climax is a little stretchy but still it is perfect.


We are going with 3.5 for the series out of 5 stars, the story is nothing new but the way the cast has performed, it would touch the heart of youths, many of you would relate to it, especially first-time jobholders, office, bromance, and friendship, what else a youth need.

The series is short and deserves your time, go and watch it with your friends, the series is streaming for free on the Mx Player web site and app.

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