Badland Hunters Movie Budget & Box Office: Badland hunters is a recently streamed Netflix Original Action Thriller Post Apocalyptic Film which is streaming on Netflix In multiple Languages We have already posted a review of The Film do check it out On our site And if you have already watched The film we have posted a recap Also For Those, Now we are telling you about the budget of This Post Apocalyptic Thriller Action film.

The Movie is made at a budget Of 30$ Million US dollars Which is really huge The vfx and Action choreography Were required in this film and the Final Landing Cost Comes Out As 30 Million US dollars, The Movie is getting loved worldwide. The budget recovery is already done by producers By selling It To Netflix.

The movie created great records on Netflix By entering Into Top global content, The Movie serves as a sequel To 2023 Hit film “Concrete Utopia” which was a great success for team Because of so much excitement among audiences they created this film badland hunters The plot of the film revolves around the Town Of Seoul Which is in south Korea In That Town One Earthquake turned The life of villagers upside down Because Of That They Gone Backwards and they didn’t even have money, water Or other things Everything Was Destroyed.

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In those conditions one man Named Nam San Came To rescue Them, his nephew Ji Wan was helping Nam San All The Time, Nam San Use to give food and meat to villagers And everyone Loves Nam San Alot. Ji wan had a crush on one girl Su Na, su na was abducted By Crazy Doctor Yang Gi Su, Nam San Made a promise that he will bring Su Na Back Safely.

This was His Last Chance To Bring That Girl Back he already lost his daughter His daughter was no more in the world To Know more do checkout our recap and Review


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