Alexandra In Love Is Blind Sweden: Love is blind Sweden is a recently streamed Netflix Original Reality Dating show which is currently streaming on Netflix in multiple Languages with English Subtitles, the show generated quite a decent buzz among fans, nowadays reality shows are becoming blockbusters on ott platforms.

Love is blind is back at another location This Time, we explored Japan And Brazil Versions Before this, it all started in Brazil Only. Now this show is made in Brazil.

32 singles will be part of this show, now all depends on how they will pick up their partners we’re going to see their marriage ceremonies In the show Only but in Future Episodes as of now, this is available with just 4 episodes.

Now Talking About Contestant Alexandra

Alexandra Is a 33-year-old General secretary, she loves her work a lot, she’s here to find a partner who can take care of her whenever she gets home after work, do you think she will make it?

Her Instagram id is @ – N/A

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