Adipurush Movie Budget & Box Office: Adipurush was released in theaters on June 15th, 2023. This movie is one of the most highly anticipated movies of this year so far. It is the only movie that gained more than 1 million interests on Book My Show. The advance booking is performing very well, but the ticket prices were way too high. The budget of Adipurush is so high that it’ll shock you.

According to the makers, this is the highest-budget film in the industry ever. Now, we’re going to tell you about the budget for this movie.

Adipurush was made with a budget of 500 crores. The budget of the film is so high because of its visuals. No one expected a 500 crore film from Bollywood when the first teaser of the movie was released. Everyone trolled it so much because of that, the makers started working on VFX again.

When the trailer was released, everyone quite liked it. But again, after the second trailer, the VFX was looking so dark. 500 crores just for VFX is a high thing. And, as per our reports, Prabhas charged 100 crores as his fees.

Adipurush needs at least a collection of 1000-1200 crores at the box office to achieve the hit tag. Do you think Adipurush will be able to make it?.



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