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“You People” Netflix Cast, Age Rating, Release Date and Cast

“You People” Netflix: Netflix is back with another comedy movie and I’m going to tell you about the plot, the star cast, the release date of You People, and much more, so let’s start this. You People is directed by Kenya Barris who also co-write the movie with Jonah Hill.

What’s the story of Netflix’s You People?

Ezra Cohen is a lonely man who badly wants a companion. One day he accidentally meets Amira, a Black Muslim girl who is just like him and they start dating. The problem arrives when they want to marry and now they have to convince their families who don’t like each other’s culture and much more.

What Do They Do to Convince Their Dysfunctional Family? You can know it by watching the movie.

The star cast of Netflix’s You People

Jonah Hill played the role of Ezra Cohen, Lauren London played the role of Amira, actor Eddie Murphy played the role of Amira’s Father Akbar, Julia Louis-Dreyfus played the role of Ezra’s mom Shelley Cohen and actor’s like Nia Long, Taco, David Duchovny, Molly Gordon, Sam Jay and many more played their respectful roles in Netflix’s You People.

When is Netflix’s You People Going To be Released?

Kenya Barris’s directorial film You People is going to be released on January 27, 2023, at 3:00 AM EST and 1:30 PM IST only on Netflix.



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