White Lines Season 1 Ending Explained – Netflix Original White lines is an Anglo-Spanish mystery thriller series created by Alex Pina. You all might know Alex from Money heist where he served as the creator of the show as well. The series released on Netflix on 15th May 2020

This mystery show revolves around a woman attempting to find about who killed her brother. The series is filled with a sharp storyline and pinpoint screenplay with enough twists and turns to hold you all to your screens. After exploring the story and characters for binding 9 episodes the finale was expected to be such that the viewers would not feel cheated, guess what? The finale was actually pretty awesome and didn’t disappoint. The slow unraveling of mysteries works big time for me and thus in the end you don’t feel like you have wasted your time, instead, you feel it was worth the wait.

Plot summary

Let’s take a look back towards the plot of the story to understand the ending better. The show White Lines is a whodunnit mystery thriller revolving around the death of Alex Walker, an English DJ who moves to Ibiza. One day he gets murdered by someone and his body is recovered after 20 odd years.  The story tells us that Axel moved to Ibiza with his friends – David, Anna, Marcus. Alex’s sister Zoe had also visited Ibiza previously as a teen and she knows about Alex’s friends.

When she comes back to Ibiza at the start of the series, she stays with Marcus. Marcus has two daughters with Anna, but the couple has broken up. Anna is dating another man named George. Marcus is a drug peddler who buys drugs from two Romanian traffickers, Grigori and Yuri, and sells them at the clubs of Ibiza’s richest man named Andreu Calafat. However, after the Calafats temporarily order the drug suppliers to not deal at their clubs, Marcus finds himself in a tough spot as he does not have enough money to give the Romanians.

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Now, the story shifts towards the Calafat family which consists of Andreu, his wife- Conchita, his son- Oriol, and his daughter- Kika. Kika used to date, Axel. Oriol was a friend of Axel who was present at Axel’s birthday party the night he died. We learn that Axel has been sleeping with Kika’s mother Conchita which created some rough patch in the family so the family is the prime suspect in the murder of Axel.

Now Zoe with the help of Boxer , the security head of Calafat family tries to dig into the matter. During their stint for the mystery the develop an affair that creates problem for Zoe and her family back home. One day Zoe takes Marcus’s cocaine and afraid of being caught by the police throws it randomly. This creates a problem for Marcus as he was supposed to return the drugs to the Romanians. Boxer helps Marcus by killing Grigori and Yuri as they had been threatening Marcus.’ Now coming to main topic White Lines Ending Explained,

White Lines Netflix Netflixs White Lines Season 2
White Lines | Netflix

Who is Axel’s killer?

After 8 episodes myself finally begins to unravel and we learn about what happened to Axel and who did it. Are you ready for it? ( drumrolls ) It was ………… ANNA !!!!!!!! . Yes you read the correctly.

What happens is that Anna had been having sex with Axel behind Marcus’ back since she had been attracted to his talent, fame, and charisma. However, Axel had started believing that he and his friends had become worse versions of themselves after coming to Ibiza. That is why he had sold all their clubs and the rights to his music to Oriol for a low sum of money. Then, he had burnt the money. After his birthday party, Anna approaches Axel to have sex with him once more. Axel tells Anna that he burnt the money and that they should start afresh. This comes as quite a shock to Anna as she has embraced the wealthy, hard-partying lifestyle.

Well, this is not the reason she killed him, Axel suggested Anna, to, tell Marcus the truth and also about what has happened between them. Anna retaliates to which Axel threatens Anna to tell Marcus himself. Scared of losing Marcus Anna supposedly kills him. she lies to Marcus, saying that she drowned him because of the money and that he did not resist. However, Axel does not turn out to be dead and regains consciousness. This happens when Anna and Marcus are out to bury his body. Upon seeing him alive, Anna stabs him with a screwdriver (in front of Marcus).

Anna confides in Zoe that she killed Axel because she didn’t want to lose Marcus. There is a high possibility that her motivation to kill was both money and affection towards Marcus and this becomes more true because Anna didn’t care much about Marcus as she marries George despite her not loving him more than Marcus because George is wealthy. Marcus and Anna’s own daughter tells Anna how she (Anna) had forced Marcus to buy a house they couldn’t afford when the two had been married.

Anna’s conviction

Viewers were confused that Anna actually walks freely even after her confession to Zoe. People think that Zoe didn’t tell the police or she forgives Anna but no that’s not what happened. In the show, the show gives various hints about the Spanish law, and as such a law is there which says that a person cannot be charged for a crime he/she committed more than 20 years ago. Therefore even of Zoe told the police, the police couldn’t do anything. That is the reason Zoe’s dad attempts to kidnap Oriol and take him to Manchester. He thinks that Oriol is the one who had killed Axel and would not be punished under Spanish law.

White Lines Season 2 Possibility?

Many viewers were left in thinking so as to why Marcus persuades Andreau to get into drug dealing. This happens because in the final episode, Grigori and Yuri’s wives manage to get hold of Marcus and another drug peddler. They think that either one of them was responsible for the murder of Grigori and Yuri.

Marcus manages to convince them that he did not kill Grigori and Yuri. The other drug supplier is killed. Then, the Romanian traffickers’ wives tell Marcus that he owes them over 200,000 Euros for the cocaine. Marcus also has started to date Kika and lives in her house and also gets acquainted with Andreau. We can say that his motive behind drug dealing is to clear off his debts.

There are two ways this can progress: either Marcus can pay the Romanians off, or he can use Andreu’s power to kick them off Ibiza. He does suggest to Andreu that there has been a power vacuum when it comes to drug trafficking in Ibiza and that the Romanians should be taken care of.

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