Since the announcement of the movie Vikram, it has been a lot of hype due to its star cast which includes Kamal Hasan, Vijay Sethupati, Fahadh Faasil, and Suriya in a special cameo. The film was released on 3rd June 2022, here we are going to explain the ending of the film, Before reading ahead, if you haven’t seen the film yet, stop reading from here and go and watch the film first, because there may the spoilers ahead.

The universe of Vikram starts with a call about a drug consignment, a few masked persons killing police officials, and a drug lord led by Vijay Sethupathi (Chandu) who was searching for a consignment worth a million.

The exact reason for the killing and chase of the drug lords is still unknown where another character Fahadh Faasil was appointed to look and find the masked persons behind the killing and it leads to a big chase between the police masked persons and the drug mafias. Before coming to the ending or the second half of the movie, you must have to be aware of the universe created by the Kaithi movie.

Kaithi was released in the year 2019 and directed by the same director Lokesh Kanagaraj. Kaithi follows the story of a drug consignment that was captured by some of the police officers and they have hidden it somewhere in a secret cabinet below the police check post. The secret location is not known to any other police officials but only to a group of 5-6 persons who has led the operations.

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One of the man of the department came to know about the drugs and he manage to inform the gang led by one of the gang lords Billa he manage to drug all the police officials present in one of the parties so that they can retrieve the drugs.

The gang lord Billa has ordered all his gang men to get the heads of the police officials and in return promises them a bounty of lots of money in return. One of the police officials manages to save away from being consuming the chemical drugs and convinces Shiva played by Karthi to drive them to a hospital to save the officials. Karthi is an ex-convict who was released from jail that same day and was going to visit his daughter. He in order to secure his daughter’s future as promised by the police officer in charge drove the police bodies in a lorry.

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It leads to a very great chase between all the gangs and Karthi as they drove to reach the destination. After fighting their way throughout he finally manages to save all the officials and also gives a strong fight to the gang of Billa’s who were planning to storm into the police check post where the drugs are kept and his brother ranga is also captured in it.

The second half of the Vikram movie links directly to the continuity of the Kaithi movie where the police in charge who was with Karthi in a lorry trying to save the police officials calls one of the people and ask him about the drug which happens to be the son of Vikram who was later killed by some of the masked men. The movie Vikram introduces us to the land of secret commandos who was like the sleeper cells of the government and Vikram was a part of the first batch of the team. And the story continues with the revenge of a father and the chase of the drug mafia to get the consignment.

The character of Vijay was seen getting calls from some of the people of Rolex and getting threats to get the consignment but the actual identity of the person is still not known. Vikram manages to kill the officials involved in killing his son and tail the gangs led by Vijay into a place where the consignment was kept and later manages to destroy the consignment along with Vijay Sethupati in it.

The main origin between both the movies gets clear when in the end we get to know who the main leader was who happens to be Suriya. He asks all his gangs to get the heads of all the persons involved in stealing the consignment. The universe that Lokesh has tried to build is very commendable and also brilliantly executed. The way he manages to bind all the gang persons from both the movie and how he continues the plot is very interesting to watch.

Later we also get to know where we see Vikram also being into the gang and how he knows about the consignment and all killings and how he plans all the revenge and saving the consignment to get into the hands of the drug lords. It will be a treat to the eye to see the coming movies which will for sure be grand and much bigger than the Vikram and Kaithi.

That’s all how we conclude the ending explanation of the movie Vikram.


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