Uppena Movie Review: So Finally after the long wait the movie is now released on the ott platform and here we are with the review of the film, Uppena is now available on Netflix and I just finished the movie and here in the post I am going to review the fil, we are going to talk about the plot, performances and few more details of the film.

The movie stars Panja Vaishnav Tej and Krithi Shetty the debutant in the main lead role, the movie also stars super talented Vijay Sethupathi as the Villain of the film, the movie is Directed by Bucchi Babu Sana. The movie is approx 140 minutes long and is now available on Netflix in Telugu audio with English and Hindi subtitles.


Raayanam is an influential zamindar who goes to any extent to safeguard his family’s honor. His daughter Sangeetha, fondly called Bebamma is a college student whom he fiercely protects. Raayanam plans to build a shipping yard in his village by razing fishermen’s houses on the coast. Aasi is the son of one such fisherman Jalayya, and is a low-caste Christian.

He falls head over heels for Bebamma. Bebamma also begins to like Aasi after watching him fight in the bazaar. Aasi follows Bebamma daily en route to her college on the bus. One day, the bus breaks down and the driver asks Aasi to drop the Bebamma, the only passenger of the bus, at college. Later, the couple begins to meet daily at the beach and soon fall in love with each other.


When I look into the cast I was having some expectations from them. Panja Vaishnav Tej is good in his role but he is not that out of the box which I expected by watching the trailer. Krithi Shetty has done a pretty job in acting as you can easily understand what she wants to say by her expression. I am a huge fan of Vijay Sethupathi’s acting but trust me this time he was excellent in his role. First time I am watching him in a negative role and he just nailed it especially climax scene acting. That was totally insane. Overall the film is packed with some decent acting stuff that makes the movie worth watching.

  • Name Of The Film: Uppena
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Release Date: 14th April 2021
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Highlights – Cinematography, Good Songs, Climax,
  • Drawback – Regular love story
  • Recommended? : Yes


Uppena means High tide (Waves that want to touch the sky). By sky, director means Sangeetha who is from a High caste, and by wave, director means Aasi who is from the low cast. So if I talk about a movie. It has good acting of actors, eye warming cinematography, and good songs. The first half of the movie is good but in the second half, the movie is a little bit stretched. The movie is good to watch with family. The climax of the movie is too good the message he contains and maybe some people don’t agree with the climax. Overall Uppena is a regular love story with good acting, amazing cinematography, songs, and a unique climax.


I am going with 3 out of 5 stars for the movie, the movie is a decent watch that is packed with amazing climax and some mindblowing performances, if you are looking for some romantic drama you can check the movie on Netflix, Go with the minimum expectations and you would love this for sure.

Review By Kunal
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This was all about the Review of the Telugu Movie Uppena, what are your thoughts on it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on movies and series stay tuned with us.


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