The Lovebirds Ending, Explained: Hello there! If you are here then you are looking for the ending of the newly released Netflix movie Lovebirds. The movie was released on May 22 2020. The movie follows a couple who are on the verge of breaking up and suddenly gets framed for murder. Now it is up to them to prove their innocence before the actual murderer kills them.

Netflix’s The Lovebirds Plot 

Jibran ( Kumail Nanjiani ) and Leilani ( Issa Rae ) are a couple who once was very cheery and loved each other a lot. They liked each other’s company and were happy. Four years later they are still together but the spark and life are not there in their relationship anymore. They argue all the time and doesn’t value each other’s opinion. Jibran is also jealous of Leilani’s workmate – Keith.

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One day, while going to attend a party they accidentally hit a person on a bicycle, they check him but he runs away. Now another man with a long mustache comes and gets into their car saying that he’s a cop. After chasing the bicycle guy, mustache runs him over with Gibran’s car 3 times. He gets out to search bicycle and moves towards killing the couple but suddenly hears police sirens and runs away. When Leilani and Jibran get out of the car to check on Bicycle people notice them and assumes that the couple killed bicycles. With nowhere to go and no one believing them the couple runs away from the crime scene.

Now there’s only one way to prove their innocence which is to find out the mustache guy and take him to the police.

Netflix’s The Lovebirds Ending

After getting hit by the congressman and her wife Jibran and Leilani go to a pharmacy shop where Jibran tells her that he sneaked the number and place of bicycle’s home. Together they go there and find out that the house has a lot of frat boys working for someone and that someone was a bicycle , suddenly mustache enters the room and kills the boys with the couple narrowly getting back to safety.

Then they try to break the passcode of the bicycle’s phone. With the help of Keith they are successful in doing so and find out about an event that might be organized by the same organization for whom mustache works. They go there and find themselves in a large auditorium where random draw numbers are chosen. It is revealed that the event is for an orgy and its participants are the ones who have to perform it.

Eventually they get caught but just soon as they are about to get captured, the police come in and the auditorium people flee away. The cops in the station inform them that they have caught a glimpse of the actual killer from the CCTV footage of the traffic and that the couple is innocent. The police advise them to go home and asks one of the officers to guide them in the police car. In the car, Jibran and Leilani talk about there sleeping routine as they have broken up now and they realize that mustache is driving the car.

It is revealed that he is a cop but also works for the Sacrarium. He and bicycle used to extort money from people and mustache protected the Sacrarium from police raids. He says that they have also been blackmailing the Sacrarium in order to get money and that bicycle was not giving mustache his full cut so he killed him.

Afterward he discloses that he is planning to kill them both because they know his secret. Things get ugly and the three of them get into a fight. Leilani and Jibran’s incompatibility had come to light when, on several occasions, they couldn’t understand each other’s cues. In the end, however, they finally click and show excellent co-ordination to save themselves. The cops arrive on the scene, and Moustache is arrested.

The entire story about Sacrarium, Bicycle, and Moustache is cleared up, and they are allowed to go free. They express their love for each other after sharing a kiss. The movie ends showing that after one year they are running again but this time not from the murderer but in the quest for winning The Amazing Race.

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