Thank You Brother Telugu Movie Review Aha: All thanks to some brilliant Malayalam movies that released in the past weeks on OTTs with subtitles and from there I started watching each south Indian movies on OTT on the first day itself, I just finished Aha original film Thank Your Brother and here is the full review of the film with detailed information about the performances, Plot and Major highlights of the film.

The movie stars some really talented actors from the south, The movie stars Anusiya Bhardwaj as Priya, Viraj Ashwin as Abhi, and Anish Kuruvilla as Abhi’s Father. The movie also stars Harsha Chemudu, Monika Reddy, and Kadambari Kiran. The movie is directed by Ramesh Raparthi. The movie is approx 90 minutes in length and available on the Aha Video app and website in Telugu audio along with the English subtitles. The movie has few Skin Shows and Intimate scenes so it is not suitable to watch with family.


The plot of the story revolves around Abhi a Rich Guy who is totally out of control and he has nothing to do in life except Partying and enjoying, One day he gets stuck in the lift with Priya who is completely unknown to Him and she is 8 months pregnant. While people outside the lift were trying to help them in between Priya faces an emergency situation and her water pipe got broken, how Abhi would react to this situation, would he help her ? or he would continue with his ignorant attitude, how the things go at the end?, to know this you have to watch the full movie on Aha App and website.


Anish Kuruvilla is the best among all although he is in a very short role I found him very impressive, he has done a brilliant job. Anusiya Bhardwaj has done a decent job in the role of Pregnant lady, although she lacks that feel at some frames overall she is good in her role. Viraj Ashwin was also good, he fits in both ignorant and calm character, his emotional side was treated to watch and he has played that role amazingly well. Mounika Reddy was decent in her short role of Abhi’s Girlfriend. Harsha tried all his best to make us laugh but the loose plot failed him to do so. The rest of the other characters were decent.


Poor and Predictable writing is the biggest issue with the film, The movie is very dull till its interval and then it gains its momentum, I feel that the movie is a little bit longer and the flashback was very lengthy, there was no need for those intimate scenes, it makes the movie more lengthy and poor. The second part of the film is just brilliant and it connects you emotionally, my eyes were wet after so long. The performances get better & better as the movie goes ahead. The locations are wow and the BGM is decent, there is no song in the film. If we keep the first half aside the movie ends very well in spite of the predictable climax.

  • Name Of The Film: Thank You, Brother!
  • Star Cast: Anasuya Bharadwaj, Viraj Ashwin, and others
  • Release Date: May 07, 2021
  • Platform: Aha Video
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Recommended?: Yes (With Reservations)
  • Family-Friendly?: No


I am going with 2.5 out of 5 stars for the film, the movie is a good option to watch if you have nothing to watch for, the movie is very emotional and if you are a fan of such films, You can watch the film on Aha in Telugu audio with subtitles. Please don’t watch it with family as there are few scenes which are not suitable for the family watch.

This was our review of Thank You Brother, What are your thoughts about this film?, please let us know in the comment section, for more updates follow streaming due on Social Media.


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