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Tandav Controversy Scene Details

Tandav Controversy Scene: You guys just spammed our telegram channel with one single question, why there is controversy on Tandav? which scene is hurting the sentiments? is that authentic? and many other questions, here we are with the complete explanation. In the post today, we would talk about the clip, dialogues, and the whole controversy about the series.

What Is That Scene?

There is the scene of college play in the series, in the first episode itself, where Md. Zeeshan Ayub is playing the role of Lord Shiva, and another guy is playing the role of Lord Narad, in the conversation, they make a joke about Lord Rama and their followings among the people.

Reason For Controversy

The dialogues in the scenes are offensive for Hindus and it is a joke on Lord Rama and their worshippers, so Twitter users are demanding the ban on series. Many firs are also filed in the case against the makers of the show, Kapil Mishra and other BJP leaders had also filed a complaint.

What Next?

Information and Broadcasting ministry had sent the Notice to the creative team and they had asked for a quick reply on the topic, A Special team from UP is also on the way to Mumbai to investigate the case. We would update the further coming news about the series.

Will the series be banned?

I don’t think that the whole series would be banned, instead of that, the controversial clips may get removed from the series, if the High court or any ministry asks to do so, the final update would come in few days.

This was all from our side about Tandav Controversy Scene, what are your opinion on this please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on the web and OTT news stay tuned with us.


  1. It is in bad taste. Has political overtone.
    It definitely is not funny and hurts Hindu religious sentiments.
    I dare you to do the same with muslim religion.


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