Something From Tiffany’s Ending Explained: “Something From Tiffany’s” is an Amazon Original Romantic Comedy that recently aired adding to the plethora of content that we call “Christmas Movies” that embody the romance and togetherness that the end of the year makes us feel.

However, the film is not all romance and comedy but it does touch upon some deeper topics that the couples should look at. Starring Zoey Deutch, Kendrick Sampson, Ray Nicholson, and Shay Mitchell, the film is based on a book by Melissa Mill.

The film is about two couples who on the surface seem the perfect ones but the sudden mix-up and exchange of gifts cause their hidden issues to surface.

“Something From Tiffany’s” Plot

The film starts with Gary and Ethan who are at the gift store called Tiffany’s to buy presents for their respective partners, Rachel and Vanessa. Ethan who is with his daughter, Daisy gets a ring for his girlfriend Vanessa as he plans to propose to her and Gary gets earrings for Rachel. While leaving the store, Gary is hit by a cab and suffers a mild concussion and while Ethan is helping him, their bags exchange.

So, the ring that was supposed to be for Vanessa goes to Rachel and vice-versa. Both of them, Ethan and Gary are confused as to what happened and their respective partners do accept it happily but Ethan, who wanted it to be a proposal is disappointed and tries to find Gary so he could exchange their gifts. Rachel, on the other hand, accepts Gary’s proposal and they’re engaged. On his way to finding Gary, Ethan and Rachel come across multiple times and Ethan does recognize his ring but doesn’t say anything to her because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Ethan is disappointed when he does find Gary but he refuses to give his ring back. Vanessa who didn’t know about this is confused because Ethan keeps acting strange.

Then, Rachel goes to the store to know about the ring’s maintenance and the salesperson recognizes the ring and then the whole truth is revealed. Rachel who feels betrayed by Gary forgives him when Gary confesses that he intends to marry her. She calls Ethan and fixes the problem. Ethan proposes to Vanessa and then they go out to celebrate to Rachel’s restaurant Gillani. What happens there when the four of them come together makes for a great ending.

Do Ethan and Rachel End Up Together?

Well, in short, yes! But it doesn’t happen overnight. The dinner that the four had together, it ended up surfacing their issues. Ethan wants to write another book but doesn’t feel supported enough by Vanessa.

Vanessa on the other hand got to know about Ethan wanting to write another book from her colleague and she feels disappointed because this didn’t come directly from her boyfriend. Both of them live in different cities, Ethan in New York and Vanessa in Los Angeles and Ethan wants to move to New York.

Rachel and Gary on the other hand, Gary doesn’t even know what her girlfriend like and we get the proof of that when he’s at the store in the beginning of the film where he’s just browsing and asking for the salesperson’s recommendations. He doesn’t support Rachel in her restaurant despite her passion for cooking and Rachel, on the other hand keeps giving him second chances when even her friends are trying hard so she could see the reality that Gary doesn’t deserve her.

However, the deeper look inside their relationships causes them to go their separate ways. Ethan and Rachel, well they had chemistry right from the beginning. Their choices and favorite places are common and they complement each other as well. We see the proof when Rachel is overwhelmed by customers in the restaurant and Ethan comes to help her. After Daisy, Ethan’s daughter makes him realize his feelings, he confesses them to Rachel who feels the same way. The couple gets engaged after a year.

What Happens to Gary and Vanessa?

Gary and Vanessa do not get into a relationship and go their separate ways. Given, their relationships were broken because they weren’t a right fit. It is safe to say that Vanessa has gone back to Los Angeles, where she’s from and Gary who is a womanizer has gone back to doing that only. What is more important in the movie is that the two people who were meant to be, came together in the end which is quite a happy ending.

“Something From Tiffany’s” is streaming on Amazon Prime.



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