Scam 1992 Overview: Sony Liv original much-awaited and controversial series Scam 1992 is finally released on the platform, before the full detailed review we are here going to talk about the parental guidance, watch time, durations, and total no. of episodes in the series.

Parental Guidance

The series is not suitable to watch with the parents, family, and Kids, there are lots of abuses in the series in between episodes at a regular interval, so if your family is not comfortable with the strong words don’t watch the series with Parents. Talking about the Nu**dity, there is no extreme nu*dity in the series, there are few scenes of Romance between Husband and wife, which may not be suitable for a few families.


There are a total of 10 episodes in the series and all are approx 40-45 minutes long, few of them are even 55 minutes long, so if we count the average time, you have to give at least 8 hours to the series, if you want to watch it completely.

Audios & Other

The series is available in Hindi audio-only along with the English subtitles, so if you are from any regional state and looking for a regional dubbed version, there is and news for you, the series is only available in Hindi audio along with the subtitles.

True Story?

Yes, if you still don’t know, the movie is based on the true story of the Harshad Mehta Scam of 1992, Harshad Mehta was an Indian stockbroker born on 29th July 1954 in Rajkot, he was named in various scams during the 90s, he died in jail in 2001.

So this was the little overview of the Scam 1992 web series, what are your opinions about it?, are you going to watch the series? or not?, please let us know in the comment box, for more posts and updates like this on web and digital releases, stay tuned with us.


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