Runway Lugai Review Mx Player: After the TVF series Aspirants Naveen Kasturia is back with another web series which is a completely different series from Aspirants, the web series is now available on Mx Player, I just finished the web series and here in the post I am going to review the web series. I would talk about the performances, Highlights, and a few more details about the series.

The web series stars Navin Kasturia and Ruhi Singh in main lead roles, the web series also stars Sanjay Mishra, Ravi Kishan, Arya Babbar in main lead roles, the web series also stars Pankaj Jha, Kanchan Awasthi, and others. The series has a total of 10 episodes and is now available in Hindi audio with subtitles. The series is created by Avinash Das.


The plot of the series was very much clear from the trailer of the web series, the series mainly revolves around Rajni and Bulbul, bulbul is a free-minded girl who aspires to become an actress, Rajni and Bulbul get married but one day Bulbul runs away from the house without letting anyone know. As the father of Rajni is MLA of that area and Rajni himself is Judge, the whole administration starts investigation on the case. When Rajni meets the Bulbul his hopes and everything turned upside down, how Rajni get to know about the Bulbul, how he get her? to know this you have to watch the full series on Mx Player.


Sanjay Mishra is amazing and he is the charm of the series, his dialogue delivery, expressions, and body language adds charm to the series, he is the best performer from the series and the series is all about him. Ruhi Singh is average in her role, she looks good with her looks but she struggles during the dialogue delivery and the conversation due to that Bihar accent. Naveen is shocking in the series, after watching him in series like Aspirants and his performance, this one is just intolerable, he is just below average in the series and I can’t accept the fact that he is the same guy who plays Abhilash in the Aspirants. Ravi Kishan looks poor in the short cameo and the other actors were decent with their performances.


There is nothing special in the story of the series, the story writing is very poor and the series is just another routine drama, the series is of a total of 10 episodes and all episodes are very long and draggy, the climax is just worst and I don’t know why makers focus of season 2 all the time, the editing of the series is was average, the VFX and locations were good they give the realistic feel of Bihar.

  • Name Of The Series: Runway Lugaai
  • Platform: Mx Player
  • Release Date: 18th May 2021
  • Episodes: 10
  • Rating: 1.5/5
  • Recommended?: No
  • Family Friendly: No


I am going with 1.5 out of 5 for the series, the only good thing about the series is Sanjay Mishra, there is nothing else in the story, if you are a fan of Sanjay Mishra, you can watch the series on the Mx Player app and website, the web series is not family-friendly and all 10 episodes are now available for free in Hindi audio.

This was our review of Runway Lugaai, what are your thoughts about the series, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like on OTT and movies, stay tuned with us.


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