Rowhi Rai (Ruhi Rai) Social Currency Netflix: Social Currency offers a fresh and unique type of content to its viewers. Basically, this show is for Gen Z who are on social media all the time. You’re going to see 8 famous renowned social media influencers who are going to live under one roof.

This is going to be a 21-day challenge. Fans have to save them by engaging with their content and showering love through likes, comments, hashtags, and many more. This is why this show is called Social Currency.

Now, talking about the contestant Rowhi Rai:

Rowhi Rai is a famous Instagram influencer. She has more than 440k Instagram followers. She also owns a YouTube channel. I

n fact, she got famous because of her YouTube channel only. After that, she started making Instagram Reels. On Instagram, most of the time, she posts about fashion and gives fashion tips to her fan base.

Her Instagram ID is @rowhi_rai



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