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Raksha Bandhan Day 14 Collection | Lifetime Collection | Total

Raksha Bandhan Day 14 Collection: Raksha Bandhan is performing very dull now in the beginning this movie was doing well but now this movie is getting fewer shows because of no Audience. Now in the upcoming week, Liger is coming Which will affect more Raksha Bandhan. Show count of Raksha Bandhan will come down to 1-2 Per Cinema hall after the release of liger.

Now We’re Going to tell you about the 14th Day Box Office Collection, Daywise Box Office Collection, And Occupancy Of Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan had an overall 6.2% Hindi Occupancy on its 14th Day, Day by day Raksha Bandhan is witnessing a great loss of occupancy Day By Day. On the 12th day, this movie lost the Occupancy of 62% as compared to the last Day. The morning shows occupancy was around 5.8%, Afternoon shows were around 6.5%.

The film made around 70 Lakhs on Day 13 and Looking to collect the same on Day 14, Here goes Daywise Box Office Collection of Raksha Bandhan;

Day 1- 8.3 Crores
Day 2- 6.40 Crores
Day 3- 6.6 Crores
Day 4- 7.1 Crores
Day 5- 6.32 Crores
Day 6- 2.1 Crores
Day 7- 1.80 Crores
Day 8-. 1.70 Crores
Day 9- 1.10 Crores
Day 10- 1.20 Crores
Day 11- 1.8 Crores
Day 12- 70 lakhs
Day 13- 65 Lakhs

Total Till Date: 45 Crores [INDIA]

Total Worldwide: 55-60 Crores*



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