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Rabia and Olivia Review: Emotional, Sweet and Beautiful

Rabia and Olivia is Hotstar’s original film which was released directly on Hotstar on 24th Feb. 2023, the film was released only in the Hindi version and strange thing is, there is no PR and nothing for the release of the film. I just finished the film and here goes my review of the film.

As the title suggests, the story of the film revolves around Rabia (Played by Nayab Khan) and Olivia (Played by Helena Prinzen Klague), Olivia is a small girl who lost her mother at an early age and due to which she is facing some serious mental health issues, Her father is looking someone to look after her and here comes our Rabia who is in Canada looks for a Job. Rabia very soon comes to a close with Olivia and everything was going well, But all of a sudden one day Olivia got a Panic attack and she was admitted to the Hospital.

Olivia’s Father files a case against Rabia for Child Negligence, How Rabia will face the charges, and was she really guilty? To know you need to watch the full movie on Hotstar.

Coming to the performances, Nayab Khan is stunning in the film and she did Phenomenal work, She looks too good in the film and her chemistry with Olivia was great to watch, Helena Prinzen Klague Playing Olivia also looks great, She was smooth and cute and you are going to love her for the performance.

Sheeba Chaddha looks calm and composed like always in the film and she was brilliant too, the rest of other actors were decent in the film.

The story of the film is so pure, it is very much predictable but it runs with you and you will be emotionally connected with it while watching the film, The dialogues were decent, and The locations were good too, The emotional sequences and the chemistry between the two actresses were just superb, The music and BGM were needed some improvement.

I am going with 2.8 Out of 5 stars for the film, If you are looking for something light and emotional to watch with family and Kids, You may watch this film on Hotstar this weekend.

Rating: 2.8/5

What’s Your take on the film? Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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