Paatal Lok Ending Explained – Amazon Prime Video New series is being compared with the Netflix blockbuster sacred games, som are saying that it is better than sacred games too, well it depends upon the personal opinion and we are not anybody to determine anyone personal opinion about both series.

But one thing is sure, Sacred games season 1 ends with many questions left answered and same happens with the Paatal Lok Season 1, there are many questions that are left unanswered by the makers at the end of episodes 9, many users are searching for the questions like Why Vishal Tyagi aka Hathoda Tyagi kills himself? , why Gwala Gujjar Killed Firangi? , why the Bajpayee wants to Kill Tyagi and many more, here we are going to try to answer all of your questions.

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Why Vishal Tyagi aka Hathoda Tyagi kills himself?

The shocking scene was the last scene of the series where Tyagi took the gun of police and shoot himself, the question is still unknown to many, why Tyagi killed himself, to know the answer we have to go to the back story when Haathi Ram Was returning from the Gwala Gujjar, we saw that Gwala gives himself a TABIZ, and asked the Hathiram to handover this Tabiz to the Tyagi when Haathiram Hanover the Tabiz to Tyagi, he shocked to know that his Guruji is no more, from the first episode itself, we saw that Tyagi was so connected to Guruji and when he gets to know that Guruji is dead, he decided to kill herself, as he can’t imagine the life without Guruji, Guruji was only one who had given the love and support when he was in trouble during his childhood.

Why The Bajpayee Wants To Kill Tyagi ?

Tyagi aka Hathoda Singh was one of the closest men to the Guruji, When Bajpayee came to know that the Guruji is no more, and Gawala is coming to politics, he found his chair in danger and decides to Kill Tyagi who is the closest to the Guruji, so he made a plan to kill Tyagi in an encounter and team up with the Delhi Police. Bajpayee was not much afraid of Gwala, his main focus and dangers were Tyagi and the Dunali ask Guruji, Dunali died a natural death and now the only issue was the Tyagi and so they’d decided to make a plan to trap Tyagi.

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Why Gwala Gujjar Killed Firangi?

Firangi was one of the goons in Gwala gang, while in conversation with Hathiram, Gwala found out the someone from his team leaked the news that Dunali aka Guruji is dead, Gwala thought that there were only three-persons who know about the bad health of the Guruji, Firangi, his brother and Gwala, Gwala has full faith on Firangi, so he shoots his brother as he was the only one who leaked the news of the Guruji’s death.

This was our Paatal Lok Ending Explained Please note that this was our view and opinion based upon watching the series, you may have a different opinion about the series, please let us know about your view on the series, what do you think about the ending, let us know in the comment section.

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