Mr. and Mrs. Smith Episode 5 Recap: Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a spy thriller action comedy-drama series that was created by Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane and is based on the film of the same name which was released in 2005 this show’s plot moves around the two spies who are being activated in the mission and plays the role of the married couple for the mission and more details which we see in this show.

In this article, I am going to cover all the details of episode 5 including the plot, story, summary, and ending details of this episode in details that clear your doubt which I cover in this article.

Episode 5 of this show titled, “Do you want kids?” begins where we are introduced to a man named Toby who is lounging around Smith’s house they try to ambush him their mission is to travel to Lake Como and secure the asset which is Toby and they have to transport him to a safe house where John and Jane talk about buying a new place and suddenly Toby pretends that he is having a hard attack to convince them to remove his hood.

They still do not remove his mask till they reach the safe house but the mission is compromised and people with black hoods arrive and start shooting at them they try to lose their site but still follow them and the chase continues till Italian alleys and plans to hide in a house where Jane pretends that she is pregnant so that people will give some space in any house.

After that, John tries to enter a house which turns out the place where Jane is outraged as she talks about this house with her and they find an update from Hihi about this situation and she asks Jane if she is ok with that where Jane talks to Toby as john doesn’t like him where he gets pain in his stomach and Jane gives him medicines and Toby jokes about the situation but no one reacts.

Later, we see that John is having an argument with Toby when he realizes that he starts crying and leaves the room then, they receive a message from Hihi where he tells them to meet Plan in the middle of the lake and tells them about the mission and where they leave and he talks to Toby about the citrate where they talk about the wedding and they friendly talk to each other.

At the last of this episode, we see that the people who try to find the details find the location of the house but they are able to sneak from the house and get the boat to reach the lakeside and put an explodies near the place where the mission success and they reach home where john asks her if she is pregnant or not and then, she says she didn’t want a baby and Hihi sends noted as Jane takes all the credits and tell her if she wants to replace his john or not and the episode ends.

This is all the details about episode 5 where we cover the details about the plot twist, summary, and ending of this episode and let me know how much you like this show in the comment box.

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