Mighty Express Season 2 Netflix: Remember when we were kids and used to watch Bob the Builder, Thomas, and Friends and used to think how cool it would be if we also became friends with these trains and vehicles. Well, that’s how the kid’s mind works. Now in today’s modern world there, Netflix is doing all they can to keep the nostalgia alive in the minds of people.

They have been releasing several shows for kids and it has been receiving love from the audience. Netflix again is back with another kid animated show called Mighty Express and the first season of the show premiered on 22nd September 2020 the show has been receiving popular acclaim from the critics as well as the audience.

And there might be a good chance for the makers to cash into this opportunity and bring out a season 2 for the show. The show has been created by Keith Chapman.


The show’s plot revolves around in a world where kids, trains, and animals are friends they live together and work together. The trains include Freight Nate, Mechanic Milo, Rescue Ray, Build It Brock, and Farmer Fay who help their human friends in delivering the stuff in time so that they can be on time and no one suffers any problem. They will face many problems in their way but they will stay together and will conquer it.


The show includes some of the brilliant dub artists like Jay Hatton, Joe Hatz, Meesha Contreras, Tyler Nathan, Dylan Shombing, Michela Luci, Leo Orgil, Ian Ho and Evan Lefeuvre, Eric Obonsawin.

Release Date

The season one has just arrived and has been received warmth with the Audience and since it’s an animated show one might expect the second season of the show to arrive in 6-8 months from now. Our best guess would in the month of February 2021


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