“Merry Christmas” Movie Ending Explained: “Merry Christmas” is a recently released mystery romantic thriller crime drama film directed by renowned director Sriram Raghavan. There is so much to say about this movie. The film clashed with Pan-Indian films like “HanuMan” and “Captain Miller.” “Hanuman” performed extremely well on its first day. We have updated the box office collection for you. Do check that before reading the ending explained. Also, check out the review of “Merry Christmas.”

Due to the high hype of “Hanuman” and “Captain Miller,” the screen count for “Merry Christmas” wasn’t good. Still, the movie got a decent occupancy on its first day. Some audiences loved the movie so much. Here, we’re telling you about what happened in the climax of the movie because many people didn’t understand that.

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Spoilers Ahead

As Maria killed her own husband Jerome and made it look like a suicide, Albert helped Maria by burning the furnace. He started liking her. Before that, Albert was suspicious of Maria. So, he goes to Maria’s house, meets her daughter, and tells her a story, introducing himself as Santa. Maria’s daughter Annie can’t speak.

Ronnie Fernandes was in remand. When the police interrogated him, he mentioned Albert’s name. The police took Albert from his home, and Maria was also present in the police station. The police matched the statements of all three of them. But the mistake Albert made is he took Ronnie’s wallet from the crime place, and Ronnie deliberately hid that wallet at Maria’s place so that he can again go back to Maria. He told this to the police, and because of that, the police got a lead.

When the policeman showed that Christmas Sparrow to Annie, he asked who gave this to you. Suddenly, Annie started speaking and pointed at Albert. Annie said Santa. Maria was shocked and happy to see that Annie started speaking again, but the thing is Albert was stuck again, and he knew that he was going to jail again on the murder charge. He committed one murder of Rosie, the girl he loves.

Albert showed the wallet of Ronnie to the police and silently went to sit on the police station’s bench. But the main question that arises in the audience’s mind is whether Albert took Maria’s name or not.

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We think he won’t take Maria’s name. He will confess to this crime, but he likes Maria, so he won’t take her name. Whatever the story is, the movie ends by zooming out on Albert.



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