‘May December’ on Netflix: Real-life story-based films are now doing so well on Netflix that the platform is coming up with new real-life-based films every week. One of the recent releases for the week is the Netflix original film ‘May December.’ The film is all set for release on 1st December 2023.

Here are the details about the cast, release date, story, Parental Guidance, and some other aspects. The trailer of the film was released around 2 Months back and it received a Positive and decent response among the viewers.

The film is directed by Oscar Nominee Director Todd Haynes. The film stars Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Charles Melton, and Cory Michael Smith in the main lead roles. We are also going to see Piper Curda and Elizabeth Yu, Chung in crucial roles.

Coming to the age rating of the film, it is an R-rated film and is not suitable to watch with family and kids. There are some sequences that are not suitable for small kids. The film is loosely based on the real-life story and the relationship between a teacher and her student.

The film is all set for release on Netflix from December 1, 2023, in Hindi, English, and some audio versions along with subtitles. Although the film is a Netflix original film, it is also releasing on a few screens on 1st December 2023.

The reviews from the pre-release screens were just too Amazing and everyone is appreciating the film. Now it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to the film and how they rate the film.

This was all about the Netflix original film ‘May December.’ Drop your thoughts about the film in the comments.



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