Love Is Blind Netflix Set: Love is Blind is a dating reality series that is hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey. This series welcomes several people from a particular city so that they form an emotional connection with the cast. During the first episodes of the show.

The participants go on multiple dates to find someone of their choice so that they can get deeper into their relationships. During that, the contestants communicate only with their voices, and dates take place in specially crafted pods that allow the cast members to only talk with each other without being able to see their partners, which makes this series unique and twisted.

Love is Blind season 2 begins filming in April 2021 in various locations like Los Angeles County, California, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, Texas. As production began, the crew designed specially crafted pods to aid in blind dates among the cast members, which are being built in the LA North Studios.

After that, the cast, who is chosen from Dallas, Texas, starts the shooting process in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area with the final act being the beautiful weddings, which are held in Burleson, a suburb of the city of Fort Worth located within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area at Lone Star Mansion, a wedding venue at 629 John Charles Drive, Burleson, where the couples get engaged and filming is wrapped.



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