Locked In Movie Review: The film has been directed by Nour Wazzi and written by Rowan Joffe with a total runtime of 97 mins. It was released on the OTT platform Netflix on 1st November 2023 in the English language.

Locked In is a psychological thriller, drama, and crime movie that carries mystery in it. The cast of the film includes Famke Janssen as Katherine, Rose Williams as Lina, Alex Hassell as Doctor Lawrence, Anna Friel as Nurse Mackenzie, and Finn Cole as Jamie.

In the film, Famke Janssen as Katherine, a former TV star, wakes up from a coma in a hospital after facing an accident and experiences ‘Locked In’ syndrome in a completely paralyzed state. A woman who can’t communicate after this accident, where a nurse tried to understand the causes behind it and only the daughter-in-law seems to have all the answers. In the film, Katherine tries to communicate with the nurse through just one eye regarding the fact that someone tried to kill her in the accident.

So, in short, Katherine wakes up directly in a coma to reveal that it was not just an accident but an attempt to murder. It also shows the love chemistry among the three, which shows love, lust, and revenge. The overall story on paper seems to be promising, but at a few points, it loses its thriller. The director has tried to explore various mental prisons and tries to bring something new to the table.

In attempts to do so, the film seems to be losing its grip and doesn’t seem to get much attention from the audience. In the film, every character holds some secrets within them. While some are harmless, and some can be very devastating. Both Lina and Katherine seem to have a lot of self-doubt with them and seem to be in the prison of self-pity.

The plot starts with a nurse trying to investigate Katherine’s accident, and Lina serves as a narrator revealing only parts where she won’t look like a suspect. As exciting as the premise sounds, it actually follows disappointing turns in the movie. The director of the movie could have done a better job in storytelling and the overall narration of the film.

In short, the whole story of the movie revolves around a kind nurse who tries to unlock the secrets behind a coma patient’s injuries and finds out the rivalry, betrayal, and murder behind them. An affair which sets off a chain reaction that ends up in a love triangle. The overall experience of the movie seems to be low, as most of the twists and turns done in the film by the director will leave you guessing the way through it. We can’t term this film as a horror experience as no such elements were seen as such.

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But if you are looking for a Spanish thriller, then it can be a good one-time experience for you. The film has a good cast with decent dialogues and a satisfying conclusion which could have been better. The film has been produced by Nicky Bentham, music has been taken care of by Alex Baranowski, and the cinematography is done by Remi Baranowski. Even though the climax of the film leaves the audience in disappointment.



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