Joji Review Amazon Prime Video: Fahadh Faasli is on roll, he is surprising his fans with back to back releases, a few days back he comes with a thriller titled IRUL on Netflix, and now his new film Joji released today on amazon prime video, here in the post I am going to review the film.

The movie stars Fahadh Faali, Baburaj, and Joji Mudkayam in lead roles along with Shamani Thilkan and Basil Joseph, the movie is directed and produced by Dileesh Pothan and written by Shyam Puskar. The movie is approx 2 hours long and is now available on Prime Video in Malayalam audio with English subtitles.


The story of the film revolves around Joji (Played By Fahadh Fasil) who is a Jobless engineering college dropout who is the youngest son of the family but he is ignored and badly treated by his family members. The story begins when head of the family Kuttappan falls ill and this results in some shocking situation inside the family which no one had thought of. To know what happened next and how everything is connected you have to watch approx 2 hours long movie on prime video which is full of Horrible accidents.


The best part of Fahadh Fasil’s movie again is the performances by the cast, everyone is just brilliant, Fahadh is at his next level and he is just amazing the way he adjusts himself with the change of frame and the emotions are mindblowing, he is killing all over it. Fahadh has proved again that no one can match his level in regional cinema in terms of doing acting in Dark movies. Another performance which is just a wow is by PN Sunny, he is stunning and so amazing in the role of Kuttappan. The rest of the cast were equally brilliant and they did an amazing Job.


Honestly speaking I never thought that any Indian movie maker can ever make such a gem inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Dileesh Potahn proves me wrong, the way the film is written and the plot is executed, I am just shocked, the movie is just a master class. The locations, camera angle, and most importantly direction and performances, everything was just at another level.

The most important thing, the movie is very much different from the other movies of Dilessh, the movie is not a commercial Masal film with songs, Music, and fights rather than its  Dark Tragedy comedy which is a slow burn and ends with a shocking climax.


If you are looking for some gem by the Indian film industry, Joji is one of them, I am going with 3.5 out of 5 stars for the film. The movie is an absolute stunner and if you are a fan of Dark comedy and slow-burn movies, don’t skip it.

If you are thinking that this film is a masala film then don’t go for it, otherwise, you may get dissappoined, the movie is now available on Amazon Prime Video in Malayalam audio along with the English subtitles.

This was all about the JOJI review, what are your thoughts on it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more movie reviews and news stay tuned with STREAMINGDUE.


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