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John Oliver Prepares Alternate Story | Season 10 Episode 7 | HOA & Chuck-E-Cheese Story

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has been on a roll this season from picking fights with DISNEY in the last Episode to getting a company to create an ad for them to what we had today which was a burn for the millennial population but at the end of the day, it was funny.

Season 10 Episode 7 released on April 9, 2023, focussed on the story of Homeowners Alliance, also known as The HOA but straight after announcing the story, John did something interesting where he mentioned that this story is for people more than 35.

Roasting the millennial population nowadays that doesn’t know the importance of owning a home and even if they do, it’s just too expensive these days with increasing student loans and a lot of other factors. So, what did John do??

Well, for the people aged under 35, he prepared another story that focussed on the History Of Chuck-E-Cheese which served as an alternate story for the HOA story. The Chuck-E-Cheese story is 28 minutes long and John made sure it was freely available for anyone who wanted to access it so what did he do? Created a website and uploaded the Episode there. BRILLIANT, isn’t it??

If you’re interested in watching that Chuck-E-Cheese story, here’s how you can watch it. Go to the following website and just play. That’s it.



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