Jawan Day 14 Advance Booking: “Jawan went on fire on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, with many shows recording houseful attendance. It’s the second day of the Ganesh Festival in India, and in Mumbai, it is celebrated on a big scale. Because of that, there is a holiday in Mumbai. Due to the holiday, fans and audiences are watching Jawan on big screens, hoping the love for Jawan continues. Jawan is the biggest movie of SRK ever, and it will break the record of Pathaan very soon.

During the time of Pathaan, SRK said, ‘Yeh hamare career ki sabse badi film hai,’ meaning ‘This is the biggest movie ever for our career.’ He said this for Pathaan, and he repeated history again. Atlee has proven that he can master any mass commercial movie with his storytelling and direction.

Jawan has sold more than 1.80 Lakhs tickets in advance booking, which is recorded from BMS, Paytm Movies, and Amazon Pay. The collection from advance booking is crores 2.03 Crores. Jawan will hit 1000 crores in global worldwide collection soon. The performance of the film is outstanding at the global level.

Are you excited for SRK’s upcoming movie, Dunki?”



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