Infiesto Movie Review: The latest Spanish crime thriller movie is now streaming on Netflix the movie is written and directed by Patxi Amezcua, who has written and directed many Spanish movies earlier also the main cast includes Isak Ferriz and Iria del Rio the movie is approx. 1.3 hours long and is rated for a mature audience only.

In this article, I am going to review the movie so let’s move straight to the topic
Netflix’s latest crime drama thriller gets its release on 3rd February, the movie is about a small town in the Asturian mountains situated in the northern part of Spain, the name of that town is Infiesto.

The movie takes place at the time of March 2020 when the global pandemic COVID-19 is new to people around the world and they do not know much about COVID-19.

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There suddenly a woman appears after gone for almost 3 months the two detectives were assigned to the work Santo (Iria del Rio) and Samuel Garcia (Isak Ferriz) find out the reason behind it as they move closer to the culprit they found them one step behind him or she will they are able to catch the criminal and know the reason of sudden appearance of the women to know this you have to watch the movie on Netflix.

Iria del Rio and Isak Ferriz shines in the lead role of this movie their role as the detectives was a very strong point of the movie and they keep the audience hooked up throughout the film, the time shown in the movie is when people do not know much about the virus and they are taking it very lightly, this can feel like very familiar as people are asking each other “Is this thing really that serious”? the people are forced to work from home and police officers are also allowed to work with a limited number of people only as we can see in this movie.

The detectives have to solve the case and also take care of their families not to get infected by the virus or any disease.

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The run-time of the movie feels very short and the movie ends with a very fast-paced ending, at the end we will get the answer to all the mystery but it feels like little fast to me, there are lots of twists and turns in the movie which will keep you hooked up and some of the plot twists are like we have guessed it earlier but overall the movie is a good watch and you can consider it on your weekends if you are a fan of murder mystery drama and want to relive the time of pandemic where we are working from home and with proper protection.

As the movie is available to stream on Netflix from 3rd February.



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